Joanna Hope



Capital One Card, 2016 - 2017
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Role: UX Designer / Design Strategist
Collaborators: Beverly Yang (Design Strategist)
Product Team Leads: Pranav Khanna (VP), Josh Chao (Product), Shane Hepler (Design), Joe Garcia (Design Strategy)


As a UX designer/Design Strategist, I worked to help bridge the team's gap between design and product.  In this unique role, I spent the majority of my time building those relationships across roles and working with team leads to identify and set product strategy on the CreditWise team at a macro and micro level.

During my time with CreditWise I worked on:

  • Revisiting and defining CreditWise’s core problem statements, which led to spearheading two separate offsites for product and design to define problem statements and the team’s future learning agenda

  • Developing personal team relationships and bridging the gap between Design and Product

  • Designing a new, tailored CreditWise mobile experience for the 5,000+ TransUnion 0 Score customers enrolling weekly (and previously unable to enter the app) to help them learn about and build credit