Joanna Hope


Deposit for Inspiration Ranch

Deposit for Inspiration Ranch


Digital room drawings

  • $100 - $125 /room (x12)

  • $150 - $175 /room (x2)

Total Price: $1500 – $1850

Deposit: $750

Additional Notes

  • Base cost will be $1500 but subject to change (top range $1850) based on complexity of change between initial room and final visual


  • Deposit: 50% before start of project

  • Sketch

    • Joanna will send first sketch (in pencil) for edits

    • Kali can send any changes at this time

    • Joanna will make necessary changes for final approval

  • Final Digital Version

    • After approved, Joanna will work on final visual (plus color etc.)

    • Any additional changes after final visual will cost an additional $20 per image

  • Final Payment: 50% for digital download with all visuals (sent before April 1)

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